Week 35

This week was another great week. This will be the final full week of school I will have in rocky hill. This is on of the best years in my life so far. My and I freinds have had lots of fun this year. We also had a alumini talk, this was where kids form middle school came back and answered our questions. We had a good time and I am very sad that I am leaving rocky hill. Ever though I am leaving rocky hill, I will never forget what rocky hill did for me.File May 13, 8 15 09 AM

Week 34

This week was another great week. First, we went to KARM, we saw how KARM treated the homeless and saw how great the program was. We also stared to filming our movies and we made mother’s day cards. Last, we had a electronic party in library. This week was a great week and one of the last weeks I have in school.IMG_6513

Week 33

This week was a great week o school. First, we were taking the TN Ready test but then the test were not delivery and they were canceled, so, you might ask, well what will detimine you 7th grade placement, well, that is detimined by your fourth grade test. That is bad and good but I sorce a good on my science and social studies so I sould be good. Second, me and my group finished our movie script. Last, I got a yearbook and me friend got first place in ticket to read.IMG_6471

Week 32

This week was another great week. First, my friend Arron is in 1st place in ticket to read. Second, we made our movie scripts and we got to listen to the Soul Singers, our school’s chorus sing. Then,we got to take our clay beings home. Last, I score 100 on my test so I got a piece of candy. This week was awesome.File Apr 21, 2 25 52 PM

Week 31

This week at school was great. First, we finished our songs and we are starting on our movies. Second, we are doing a fun raiser for Lucas, Lucas has cancer and we are helping him fight it. Third, we did a lot of test prep for the TN ready test and we ready our novels. Last, we have made a commercial for Lucas and to help raise money for him. My week at school was amazingIMG_6364

Week 30

My week at school was great! I made a song about summarizing and that will soon be on my blog. We also made a track and field meet. We also are going to make movies. My 30th week was awesome.IMG_6323

Week 29

This week was another great week at my school. First, We had a musical and new PenPals. Next, I am making a new song and we were involved in an April fools joke. Lastly, we will have a track meet soon. My week at school was great!File Apr 01, 8 33 22 AM